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How to Get Ahead on Google

Google is the launchpad for everything everyone wants to know, find, or know about.  If you understand how Google works and what it wants from your organization, you can reach to the top of the page when users are looking for your goods and services.
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The Right Way to Use Social Media

The people you want to connect to your business are already connected on social media. Use social media correctly, and your audience and your business will grow.  Use it poorly or not at all and you have given away a competitive advantage.
Inbound marketing increased our website traffic by 500% and increased the number of leads and customers generated by our website and social media from next to nothing in 2014 to 424 new contacts and 15 new customers in 2015.  They also made our website much, much cleaner, much more user-friendly, useful, and mobile-friendly.

Rachel Kelly TideWater Landscape Management

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Email is Still a Good Way to Reach Customers

Don't be a spammer.  Be the brand your clients want to hear from.  You can add value to your clients through your e-mails, but you'll need to think about how to do it right.
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Track Everything

You can't get ahead if you don't know where you started, what you did, and what changed because of it.  If you don't track the visitors to your website, the growth of your social media following, and the growth of your e-mails lists you can't know if what you are doing is working.  
Inbound marketing tripled the traffic to my website and accomplished all of my design goals.  I recommend them to any business that wants to use its website and social media to get more clients.

Charles Bowen The Bowen Law Group

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